Subject: South East Walker

Sender: Andrea Deeley

Date Sent : Sep 7 2021

Dear All

I am sure that many of you who have received and opened the latest copy of Walk and SE Walker will have read Karen Veal's excellent article, and accompanying photo, about her evening walks. Really well written and a great advert for the Group. If you haven't seen it yet, please do have a read.

An article in South East Walker is a great way to showcase our activities and thereby create awareness and publicity for the Group which may help to boost membership. Our aim is to have an article about the Group in every issue of SE Walker, and I'm pleased to say that we already have contributions lined up for the next couple of issues.

However, after that, we are going to need some new material, which can come from any member of the Group who might have a Ramblers-related piece they think the SE Walker readership might find of interest. So, any budding writers out there (and of course, you don't need to be a great writer!), perhaps you can put your thinking caps on in the intervening time, ready for when the next request for contributions comes.

Many thanks,
Andrea Deeley
Group Chair