Julian Chritchlow and June Ayres are planning to lead short walks on the second Sunday of each month. These are in addition to any other walk (Long or Short) scheduled for these days.
The walks will generally start within 15 miles of LB, although it will be unusual for them to be further than the Chilterns at Tring and Wendover.
The walks will be between 4 and 6 miles, most likely in the 5 - 5.5 miles range, with a pub at the end of the walk where possible. They will not necessarily have been recce'd although they will usually be ones taken from outside sources (ie - books and websites of various public bodies etc). Julian & June will meet anyone interested in the LCP at 9.30 am on the day.
Normally a decision about where they will be walking will be taken by the Friday before, so, if anyone is thinking of joining them and wishes to know the start place, they should call Julian on Friday evening/Saturday to find out. Alternatively just turn up for a "mystery walk".
In the event of bad weather they will go to the LCP and make a decision with anyone who is there.